Weekly Forest School Sessions

Mindfulness. Well-being. Development of  gross and fine motor skills. Increased social awareness. Higher cognitive ability. Boosted self esteem.

The benefits of time spent in nature are numerous. Increasingly, world leading educationalists, psychologists and psychiatrists are highlighting the vital importance of time spent outdoors on children’s healthy development.

At Forever Green Forest School, we can help your school realise the potential of time spent outdoors and harness the benefits within our carefully structured Forest School programmes delivered on your own school site.


Forest School aims: 

  • To develop personal and social skills.

  • To develop creative and imaginative skills.

  • To identify and manage risks.

  • To develop problem solving strategies.

  • To understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • To increase self esteem and self motivation.

  • To use tools safely.

Our school already has outdoor activities; do we really need Forest School?

There are differences between outdoor education and Forest School. Anytime outside and creative teaching is, of course, beneficial, but Forest School goes further. Our sessions encourage independence, initiative, responsibility, imagination and foster a true connection with nature. During Forest School, children are given the freedom to explore their surroundings and develop a deeper appreciation of the environment. This freedom is the key difference of Forest School compared to outdoor learning.


We are not sure our school could fit this into our timetable. How will it work?

Excellent academic achievement is an essential outcome for all the schools and children we work with. It can appear at first that Forest School is an unacceptably large portion of the week dedicated to non-academic learning. However, the benefits of Forest School reach far beyond the woodland. Children who spend time outdoors learning new skills, building self-esteem and challenging themselves in new ways, bring a new level of determination - even tenacity! - to challenges they face in the classroom.

What if our school has limited outdoor space?

You might be surprised how we can transform a simple corner of a field into a hub for nature: planting trees, wildflower meadows, installing willow structures and building bug hotels. However, if you are restricted for space or would just prefer to have your Forest School sessions delivered in a woodland, we have a partnership with Three Rivers District Council to use the semi-ancient woodland at the Oxhey Woods Nature Reserve.

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Why use Forever Green Forest School?

Forest School will be delivered by trained and experienced Forest School leaders with a strong background in education and horticulture. we work directly with your school to develop a programme to suit the needs of your children and help develop 

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