We work with a range of children from preschool to KS2 in Hertfordshire, Harrow and Hillingdon and believe that Forest School benefits them in all manner of ways. But here is what they have to say about their Forest School experiences:


parent and toddler sessions, oxhey woods

"An excellent opportunity for children to learn in the open air, guided by fun and inspirational qualified teachers. This is my son's favourite class."

“I think my child is more adventurous when exploring and has become more observant about things around them when we go for walks.”

“We really enjoy the sessions and it’s great to do something together outside. Thanks for your expert guidance as we do a lot more than I would have thought possible with a pre-schooler e.g drilling, whittling and being around fire. You have opened my eyes too!”

“My daughter absolutely loved it! Brilliant activities even if the weather was not always perfect! But you ladies made it super fun!!”


Bourne primary School, Ruislip

We have been working with Bourne Primary School children since September 2017 and have enjoyed setting up and developing Forest School with the staff and children. Here is what they have to say so far:

"Forest School has kept my spirit alive!" Allyn, Y6

"In Forest School I've learnt how to make fire, how to tie different types of knots and team work." Shamayla, Y6

"I think Emma and Donna were very supportive and if I could do it again I would." Hollie, Y6

"Forest School is the best! Thank you so much!" Joe, Y6

"Thank you for letting us have an amazing time at Forest School." Pedro, Y6

Deanesfield primary school, Ruislip

We worked with Deanesfield Primary School to set up and develop Forest School on their site. The children were involved in planting wildflower seeds, bulbs and trees and enjoyed developing a corner of the school field into a peaceful area where they could play and learn together.

"Forest school is always interesting because you get to do things that you have never done before. You get to choose the activities and it doesn’t feel like a lesson because we take charge and can be independent,” Lilia, Year 5

"I like Forest School because it gave me more confidence. It has helped me not be scared of anything!" Reece, Year 5

"It has given me more courage because when I was in Year 4, I did not put my hand up and now I do. At home I go into my garden more. I also go down to the park and forest to find insects. I like it because we work in teams and now I get on more with other people," Toby, Year 5

"It made me happier and boosted my confidence in learning as well," Shay, Year 5

"Forest School is a time for us to enjoy and learn new abilities like knot tying and survival skills. I enjoy having time outside with my friends. It is more enjoyable than I can say,"Dilakshan, Y5

"At Forest School you can express your feelings and be at one with nature. You can start loving nature and gain new skills," Mustafa, Y5

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