Pancakes, pancakes!

This week Reception focussed on pancakes and fire building. We discussed what was needed to create fire and reminded ourselves how to keep safe when we are cooking. The children are very good at remembering not to cross the fire circle and enjoyed mixing up the batter and cooking their pancakes in the skillet. We thought about where the different ingredients come from and the children were surprised to learn that the flour comes from grinding up wheat before it gets to the supermarket using the story Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle.

Once they had enjoyed eating their pancake, the children made Spring crowns by bending Willow into a circle and weaving flowers, material and pipe cleaners into it. They had to concentrate and persevere to get the willow twisted around itself but they looked fantastic.


This week we introduced the Year 1 children to one of our favourite games: Secret Stone. They really enjoyed working as a team to hide the stone and get it to their goal without being tagged.

Year 1 also got the chance to prepare the batter and cook some tasty pancakes. After these were enjoyed the children got the opportunity to continue decorating the wigwam using their knot skills, bug hunt or build a fence around the wildflower beds we dug with the children previously. They used wooden pegs which they hammered into the ground using the mallet, then used willow to weave between them. Iā€™m sure you will agree that they look very professional!


We love getting the children involved in developing their Forest School site and hope to sow our wildflower seeds soon!