Bog Baby and Wonderful Creatures

We have had another fun filled week with our school groups.

Each week the Reception children are really impressing us with their developing knowledge of the environment. They are noticing the small changes on the trees from week to week and are able to identify many of the ground plants that are appearing. This is incredibly important with our ‘No pick, no lick’ rule and supports their understanding of what plants they need to be careful around as well as learning that these plants are great for wildlife.

We sent the children on a hunt around the site to find Bog Baby stones, which they brought back to base camp. They listened to the story of Bog Baby and we discussed how he felt being taken away from his habitat and fed unusual food. This helped the children reflect on the creatures that live in their site and how to look after them. 

We all had an explore under logs and plants and discovered lots of different invertebrates. Lots of children overcame fears by holding the different creatures and realised they were nothing to be scared of. Holding a creature allowed the children to study them, develop an interest and ultimately we ope that they will want to look after their environment more.

Finally the children used natural materials and some clay to create a Bog Baby of their own.

Year 1 started their session with the Kim's Game. We showed the children a selection of 12 items found on the Forest School site. They had to remember the items and find a matching set of their own. They are also becoming very good at naming the different plants and trees around them.

Building on their skills from last year, we recapped on fire safety and what is needed for a fire. The children worked in pairs to have a go at creating sparks with the fire steels and were very excited that they found it much easier this year.

Following this, we broke off into self chosen groups: shelter building, sawing, minibeast hunting and elder beads. The children are becoming so much more independent and good at solving problems when they come across them and they were happy to get busy trying the different activities.

We finished with a fire, some songs and a toasted marshmallow. Always a popular activity!