This week we looked at colour and signs of Spring with the children to celebrate the festival of Holi. 

We started both sessions with a thorough explore of the site to see how it has changed over the last two weeks. The children were excited to see the difference in the size and colours of the buds. We found some sticky cherry buds and some furry willow buds. The children also identified some of the plants that are beginning to appear in the woodland: cleavers, stinging nettles, lords and ladies and cow parsley. We will keep focusing on these over the following weeks.

After our initial explore, the Reception children hunted for different greens and browns they could find on the site. They found different natural items and sorted them from light to dark. We were very impressed with their close observational skills and interest in the things they were finding. 

Finally the children recapped on what is needed to make a fire before making our own natural dyes from beetroot and willow bark. They used fine motor skills to wind elastic bands around material to create patterns before putting them in the dye. We hope they will create some beautiful flags for Forest School.


Year 1 had a thorough explore of the site before playing a game of Secret Stone. Their observational skills and tactics are developing each week.

The children identified the different colours that were found on site and sorted them from dark to light.

Following this we split into groups. Some children chose to continue decorating the wigwam. They used the hapazome technique and some cow parsley to dye the material before tying it on.  Other children had a go at wet felting some sticks. This technique takes a lot of patience and the children were very pleased with their results. Donna worked with a group to continue weaving a fence around the wildflower meadows. We have started sowing the wildflower seeds, which will hopefully bring some colour to the site in the next few months.