Spring and shelters...


It was great to welcome Reception back after half term and to explore all the changes on site over the week we were away for half term. Before the holidays, the children were identifying the trees using their bud guides. So this week we took the opportunity to look again at the buds and see how they have changed. Our Hazel and Elder tree buds have started to open up to reveal their new leaves and we look forward to seeing which tree will be next!

As the children were exploring the trees, we looked carefully at the bark and took bark rubbings of the different trees to see if they were different too. They were also able to write the names of the trees next to their rubbings, should they wish to. It was great to see the children enjoying the opportunity to write for this purpose as they explored.

Finally the children chose to investigate the minibeasts that are starting to appear. Others chose to work together to build a debris shelter by sorting and arranging the logs, taking great care to work together, demonstrating their knowledge of how to safely carry large sticks and logs. We have also started creating a wigwam, which we hope to add to. We hope this will encourage children to weave and use different knots as they decorate it.


Year 1 were very excited to be back at Forest School this week. They attended Forest School every week last year in Reception and haven’t they grown! The children remembered the rules and routines and got straight into exploring the signs of Spring. We toured the site to spot all the changes and noticed that a lot of the bulbs that were planted in the Autumn have started to appear, giving some colour to the site.

We talked about friendship and our Hornbeam (friendship) trees that surround the log circle and how they look after us and protect us from the sun, wind and rain. The children worked in pairs to create friendship cordage bracelets for each other, using an overhand knot. Everyone persevered and supported each other and their wrists soon were adorned with some bright colourful bracelets.

After this, the children chose to continue the work of the Reception children in the morning making debris dens, investigating the minibeasts and continuing to decorate the wigwam.