Site Development

Yesterday gave us a glimpse that Spring is approaching and with this in mind, Reception started their session doing some careful observation of changes in the environment by going on a bud hunt. They worked in threes to find different trees and identify them with their friends, using the bud shape and colour. We talked about what might look different when we come back and discussed what the buds will change into. We can’t wait to see the leaves beginning to appear soon and are excited to watch the buds get bigger, ready to burst open and reveal their spring leaves.


After this, the children had the choice of working on developing the site or minibeast hunting. Lots of children helped to dig and begin preparing the ground for the second of our wildflower meadows, whilst others helped rejuvenate the bug hotel by collecting materials from the site to use to fill the palettes. They worked in teams carrying our tuff tubs around, filling them with bark, dead wood and pine cones before sorting them into the different parts of the hotel.

With signs of Spring, the children go to work investigating the fauna that is also starting to appear again. They enjoyed looking under logs and identifying the woodlice, slugs, worms and spiders nests they found.

In the afternoon, we were joined by the Year 5 children. They too were keen to get working on improving the site as well. We started by looking for signs of new life and Spring and noticed that some of the bulbs we planted back in September are already starting to appear. Hopefully we shall have some colour in a few weeks! 

They were very keen to finish digging the wildflower meadow, which they did independently and with lots of hard work and enthusiasm. Other children worked with us to dig and install the willow dome. We will add to this in the next few weeks and hope that it will provide a nice shady spot to sit and have some quiet time, once it begins to grow.


Lastly, the children learnt the technique of felting and produced some beautiful felted sticks. Each one as different and unique as them.

Another fabulous week!