I'll Huff and I'll Puff!

We had such a beautiful, crispy, Winter day with our Reception and Year 5 children this week.

To keep us all warm, Reception children started their session with a game of Eagles Eyes to get them moving. They love hiding behind the trees, bug hotel and bushes and stealthily getting closer to the eagle nest without being caught. Next they went on a hunt for story stones to give them clues to this week’s story. They are getting good at exploring the site, so it was made extra hard with the stones being hidden higher up in the trees. We enjoyed telling the story of The Three Little Pigs with everyone getting involved, blowing down the houses. The children then worked in small teams to build new homes for the pigs using sticks, mud bricks and straw. We were so impressed with their teamwork skills and imagination. The pigs had very comfy houses by the end of the session!


Year 5 had the challenge of putting up a tarp den today to start the session. Once their den was given the all clear (a good timber hitch knot and a taught ridge line), they had to hunt in the Forest School area for different coloured material to gather points for their team. It definitely kept them warm!

After the game, we recapped on fire lighting using the fire steel. The children were much quicker to light the cotton wool than last year and felt proud of their achievements. Some of them chose to develop this to other methods of fire lighting, whittling and den building. Another great session!