Tallest Tower challenge!

It has been very cold this week and we have enjoyed running around to keep warm, sitting round the fire and playing in the snow.

It was great fun to explore and play in the snow with Reception children. In preparation for the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend, we focussed on the different birds in our environment. We recapped on the features of birds and discussed some ways to tell them apart from each other. 

To keep the children warm, we had a team bird hunt, where the children had to find the different birds and match them up to their team's bingo board. This really helped the children to use their observational skills to distinguish between some similar birds. They then enjoyed a play in the snow, making snow angels, throwing snowballs and making snow sculptures.

We took the rest of the session inside, where the children used their fine motor skills to create bird feeders using cheerios and pipe cleaners. We hope they will attract a variety of birds to their school and garden ready to count in the Big Garden Birdwatch.


Year 5 absolutely love playing Secret Stone to warm themselves up. They are developing their team tactics each week and the game is getting more challenging and more fun.

We then set them another knots team challenge of building the tallest free standing structure. They worked well and everyone got involved, taking on different roles within their teams.

Following a discussion about the Big Garden Birdwatch and the birds that we would see in the area, some children had a go at weaving bird feeders using the jigs and willow. This is very challenging and so took a lot of patience, concentration and perseverance. What fantastic achievements!