Knot so fast...

This week Reception children continued on their theme of storytelling. First we recapped on how to tie a ridge line using a rope and hung a tarp over it to make a theatre for our story. Some children used puppets to act out the story of Little Red Riding Hood,  entertaining us all from behind the tarp.

We used a song to introduce the reef knot to the children and they all had a go at using the knot to tie elastic on to a wolf mask that they made. We were very impressed with how every child had a go at this skill without giving up.

Knots was the focus for Year 5 as well. We recapped on the reef knot, clove hitch and square lashing with the children, before they had a go at putting these skills to work, making a structure that would keep a team mate off the ground for 5 seconds. There was a great range of ideas and the children stated that they really enjoyed working with different children to complete this challenge.

Some children chose to continue with their dens and structures, whilst others had a go at fire lighting with charcloth and grass. It took a lot of patience but was worth the effort when the fire started burning!