Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

We had a great last session of the term with the children of Bourne Primary School.

Reception children enjoyed a game of Elf Eyes to start our session yesterday. They love hiding amongst the trees and sneaking closer when Donna has her eyes closed.

The children used wood cookies and drills to create snowmen to hang on the Christmas tree. They were very patient using the drills, even though they can be tricky and linked the wood cookies together with pipe cleaners.

Continuing to work on their fine motor skills, the children made jingle bell sticks before having a bit of a sing song back at base camp.


Year 5 had their last Forest School session for this academic year and it was a celebration of their achievements. The children reflected on their time at Forest School, finding their favourite place and standing there quietly. They thought about how their skills have developed since their last block of Forest School and it was interesting to hear their comments which ranged from making new friends, being more resilient and enjoying the outdoors more.

The children had time to choose how they wanted to spend their last session, making Christmas decorations by drilling wood cookies, whittling jingle sticks and den building.

Well done on all that you have achieved this year!