Fire Lighting

This week has been quite wet, but it has not stopped our school groups from getting out and enjoying themselves.

Our Reception children came out well dressed for the weather conditions in their hats, scarves, gloves, wellies and waterproofs.

After a game of Eagle Eyes to get ourselves warmed up, the children took part in a game of trust. Each child had to take it in turns to close their eyes and be led to a tree by their partner. They used their senses to get to know the trees shape, size and smell, before being led away. Once they opened their eyes, they had to find the tree that they got to know in the woods. The children were able to share how they felt about walking with their eyes closed and having their sense of sight taken away.

With it being our penultimate session for the year, we decided to start to think a bit about the trees in Winter and Christmas, by sharing Stickman with the children. They made their own stickman using pipe cleaners to secure the sticks together. Although this was challenging to ensure that they were tight enough, the children are persevering and improving with the skill of twisting the wire to make it tight. They shared with their friends the names of their stick people and thought about the things they liked doing.

Year 5 enjoyed a game of Capture the Flag again this week to keep themselves warm. They were able to improve on their teamwork skills in putting up their dens much more efficiently by taking more responsibility to help their team.

Some more children had a chance to light a fire using charcloth and dried grass, whilst others had a go at whittling with the sheath knife.

We were very impressed that some children are now developing their own ideas and using the knots that they have learnt to create swings and ladders independently.

We look forward to welcoming the Year 5 parents for their last session next week.