Whittling Wonders!

With Winter approaching, our Reception children this week started to focus on the preparations animals in the environment will be making for the cold season, particularly focussing on birds.

Most of the leaves have now fallen which gave us a good view of the nests that have been built by the birds on site. The children were able to spot several nests with their partners and then created nests of their own out of materials they scavenged from the floor.

To encourage birds to visit the area, the children made bird feeders by threading a pipe cleaner onto an ice cream cone before covering it in vegetable fat and seed and hanging it in a suitable tree. It took a lot of gentle hands and concentration to not break the cone!

They are looking forward to seeing what birds visit over the week.

In Year 5 the children are continuing to work on teamwork. It was cold out this week so we introduced a new game to keep them warm: Capture The Flag. The children worked in teams to peg out a tarp den which they tied their flag to. They had to think about team tactics in order to take other flags and get them back to their den without being caught or indeed losing their own flag. It involved lots of stealth!

This week we developed the children's fire lighting skills. We recapped on the safe use of the fire steel and what is needed to make fire. The children learnt how to make a spark land on some charcloth before wrapping it up in some dried grass and using a gentle blowing technique, creating a fire of their own. It was great to see how determined they were. Well done Year 5!

Great concentration was shown by some of Year 5’s who began developing their whittling skills by moving on to sheath knives. They worked hard to fashion a pointed end and a notch to make their very own tent pegs. Very useful for making the perfect den.