Pancakes, pancakes!

Exploring the Woods

This week we started our sessions exploring the woods to find woodland treasures. This involved counting and describing the objects as well as naming some of the familiar items in the wood. The children are developing their gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination as they are getting better at navigating through the woodland environment, using ‘big, stomp feet’ to step over the brambles and logs. It amazes me how our regular Forest Schoolers have become so knowledgeable about the different leaves, moss and lichen in their environment, which really shows how connected they have become with Oxhey Woods since attending.


Willow and Knot Tying

Our bendy willow made some great Spring crowns today. We try to provide lots of different ways for the children to have a go at knot tying, weaving and twisting. Our parents are doing a great job of encouraging the children to have a go themselves and supporting them by showing them how to use pipe cleaners, rather than doing it for them. The children will hopefully will become more confident as the weeks go on.


Cooking on the Fire

We had to keep the fire going today to cook our pancakes. Everyone worked really well to measure the ingredients and mix them together. We watched them bubble up and turn solid in the pan. They tasted delicious with some honey and banana.