Red Nose Day

We had a great time with our parent and toddler group this week, thinking of others that are not as fortunate as ourselves.


We started our session with a water challenge. The children did an excellent job of carrying the water across the bumpy ground and through the tarp tunnel today without spilling any. We worked together to fill the jugs at the end of the course. It was quite tricky! 

Spring is coming and so we got busy making some seed balls using poppy seeds. The children used clay, soil and the seeds to form balls. They will hopefully bring some colour to their gardens soon and we hope the children will enjoy observing and talking about them together as they grow.

We had some fun using the hapazome technique today. This is a great technique to use to look at colours and patterns in nature. The children enjoyed using the mallets to squash the colour out of the leaves and flowers.

Lastly we had a go at using peelers to whittle some red nose day people. The children took so much care and showed a great level of concentration to produce their fantastic red nose day people.