Budding explorers

It was great to meet our new families at our Parent and Toddler groups this week. We hope that they will enjoy getting to know each other over the weeks and we will enjoy watching the children get more confident in the environment.

At Forest School we introduce the rules:

  • No pick, no lick.

  • Be careful how you carry a stick.

We also have our motto: 

  • We look after ourselves, each other and the environment.

Every week we will talk about these rules and what they mean so that the children become familiar with them.


Exploring and observations

The forest floor provides a varied surface for the children to walk on. This provides them with the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination. Our woodland has lots of brambles and we encourage the children to take big steps and watch where they are walking as they explore.

We looked at the different buds on the Oak, Silver Birch, Rowan and Beech tree and felt and described the bark. These experiences allow children to develop their vocabulary as they compare and contrast. 


We used Elder to make our beads, poking out the soft, spongy pith with our sticks. The children had to use their hand and eye co-ordination to carefully thread the beads on their pipe cleaners and they did a fantastic job!