Creature Creations

This week our fantastic Parent and Toddler group were introduced to the Bow Saw. Whenever we use a new tool, we introduce it with a tool talk. This helps keep us safe when using the tool as we learn how to hold it and pass it, how to hold it, naming the different parts of the tool and what position to be in when we use it.


The bow saw is a lot of fun to use. When we are using it, we wear a glove on the working hand holding the wood to keep it steady and pull the saw, working in a team to cut our wood.

We were so impressed with the variety of creatures that the children created after whittling the outside layer of bark off their log ranging from disco pandas to crazy dragons. What great imaginations!

We finished the session with some delicious popcorn cooked on the fire. We all loved watching it pop and fill up our popcorn net!