If you go down to the woods today...

It was great to welcome back our Forever Green Forest Schoolers this week and welcome some new families.

Exploring the forest is a lot of fun. Our Forest Schoolers were on the hunt for some clues to determine what our story was today. They found story stones hidden by the roots of the trees in the woods and worked together to collect them all. Gathering under the shelter of our tarp, we told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Stories are a great launchpad for imagination, creativity and exploration and we love sharing and acting them out with the children. After listening to the story, the children got to work looking for the right sort of stick to make a Goldilocks or a bear stick man. We provide different materials to join and hope to encourage development in fine motor skills as they twist and turn the pipe cleaners and string to secure items together.


After all that hardwork, it was time to get cooking. The children helped build the fire, thinking about how to keep safe and what we would need. One dragon sneeze later, the fire was going, ready to cook some delicious porridge made in our Dutch oven. Everyone had a taste of the delicious honey topped porridge and just like the bears (and Goldilocks), the children gobbled it all up.

We still have places available in our Monday and Friday group, so if you are looking to get out and about and have friends who would like to join the rest of the half term, we would love you to join us!