Sammy the Snake rope tricks and stories

This week our Parent and Toddler group had a go at using 'Sammy the Snake' to tie a timber hitch knot between two trees to create a ridge line and a tarp to create a theatre.
Sammy went round the tree, over and under the mountain, then in and out three times.

After hunting for our character puppets in the woods, we worked together to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood from behind the tarp theatre, using silly voices to pretend to be the different characters. It was lovely to see the children getting involved and using their imaginations.


During our sessions we support the children in becoming familiar with the different flora and fauna around them. Today we looked at the shape of the Oak leaf: bumpy bumpy bumpy. This is one of the main trees in our clearing in Oxhey Woods. 

The children thought about the texture of the leaves and crunched them up. We used the leaves to decorate wolf masks that the children made and learnt how to thread and tie knots to secure the mask. This is a great skills to get to grips with and there are lots of opportunities in Forest School. We even used a knot in our newspaper when building and lighting our fire ready to cook some delicious marshmallows: Go over and under and through.