Puddle jumping...

It has been quite a rainy week, but it didn’t stop our Parent and Toddlers enjoying Forest School. It was great to see them enjoying puddle jumping and making the most of the weather. We even managed to collect our water for the fire from the tarp! What a great idea.


The children started the session this week by going on a scavenger hunt around the site to collect tiny treasures. A tiny treasure box is a lovely thing to keep adding too while you are out adventuring. We found some lichen, moss, tiny stones, leaves and twigs. We love scavenger hunts at Forest School as it provides an opportunity to develop language through discussing the textures and colours.

With Christmas just around the corner, the children had a go at creating some wood cookie snowmen using the drills. It takes a great deal of concentration and perseverance to keep winding that drill to create a hole in the wood, but the children didn't give up and got there in the end. We hope their decorations will look nice on their Christmas trees.

This week we had a go at cooking apples slices dipped in sugar and cinnamon on the fire. The children showed a lot of patience waiting for their apples to cook and they were worth the wait. It’s great to try new things.