A spot of bird spotting

We had great fun in the woods this week with our Parent and Toddler group. With the change in seasons approaching we started thinking about our feathery friends in the trees: the birds!


A great thing about being out and about each week is providing the children the opportunity to observe changes in their environment. When children are young, we talk about the Winter months being December, January and February, even though the Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year) doesn't occur until 21st December. When we were exploring, we thought about what has happened to the variety and number of minibeasts out and about, how it gets darker earlier in the evenings and lighter later in the mornings and that many animals hibernate or migrate. 

To feed the birds in our forest, the children carefully spread vegetable fat onto their cones . They were very gentle and managed to cover their cones using the birdseed. This will provide lots of energy for the birds that come to visit.

We also were developing our co-ordination by hammering in stick pegs to secure the corners of our dens, before hiding in them to spot the birds. Well done to those that had a go at putting up the shelter using Sammy the Snake and a timber hitch knot.

We had to remember to stay quiet and hidden in the dens that we made and were lucky enough to spot some visiting birds using our binoculars.