Exploring the Foggy Foggy Forest

This week our Parent and Toddler group have been exploring the Foggy Foggy Forest after reading the book by Nick Sharratt.

They did a great job solving the puzzles and finding all the characters in the Foggy Foggy Forest. The children are definitely getting more confident at walking longer distances through the woods, taking care where they are walking and navigating the mud and brambles. Walking on uneven and irregular surfaces is great for children's core stability and strength.


Some children enjoyed creating a debris den together. They had a lot of fun and the children took a great sense of pride and achievement in their creation. It also provides a great opportunity for problem solving through comparing and ordering the sizes of sticks and working out where they can be balanced, promoting lots of comparative language.

Our session finished with the children cooking some delicious brioche. The children thought about what was needed to make the fire, how to stay safe by using the correct position and what equipment we needed to have to keep ourselves safe around the fire. We discussed the colour and texture of the brioche before and after it was cooked. Delicious!