Pewter Casting Workshop

At the beginning of this term, we were excited to hold our first CPD day at Oxhey woods with other Forest School folk from Under the Canopy Forest School and Forest Buds.

Dee from Gallery Valentine taught us the process of Pewter casting using two different methods: using a cuttlefish mould and using a Delft clay mould.

It was great fun to sit in the sunshine for several hours creating our own moulds, seeing the pewter melting on the fire and then filling our moulds with it. We were not all successful straight away and had to learn our own lessons in perseverance and resilience! It is hard when it doesn’t go right the first time. But with a few deep breaths and some tweaking, we all came away with something we felt really proud of.

Hopefully we shall be able to share our skills with our groups in the future and we look forward to collaborating with our local Forest School colleagues again soon.