Baby it's cold outside!

At this time of year, we get a lot of comments from our friends, families and clients about the weather: “Bet you can’t wait for the Summer,” or, “It’s not very nice out there today,” or, “Bet you wish you were working inside today in the warm.”

But the truth is, I love working outside.

Yes, it is cold at the moment, particularly over the last weeks with our fluttering of snow, but as long as you are wrapped up warm, there is so much to explore and do from: inspecting frost and ice crystals; to examining fungi and decaying wood; to providing much needed food for the birds and making structures in the snow.


We teach children to look after themselves and this involves ensuring they have all their layers on.

Ideally, this involves:

  • Body layers: Lots of thin layers are best as they can be added or removed easily. A thermal base layer is ideal, followed by t-shirts, a warm fleece, a warm coat under a waterproof jacket.

  • Bottom layers: Thermal leggings under a pair of tracksuit bottoms can keep you warm at this time of the year. Finish off with waterproof trousers on top to block out the cold wind and rain.

  • Feet and Hands: Our extremities are the first to get cold, so it is important to keep these warm and dry. Make sure to wear several pairs of warm socks inside walking boots or snow boots. Welly boots do not offer much insulation and feet can often get cold wearing them. Waterproof gloves are a must to prevent hands from getting wet and consequently cold.

During the Winter months, many people tend to stay inside, being less active and getting less fresh air. This can have a huge impact on mood and wellbeing. It is widely known that being outdoors, having exercise and experiences in nature can alleviate these feelings and bring about a sense of wellbeing.

So don’t stay inside! Wrap up warm and experience the beauty of nature at this time of year! It really is magical.