Spring is finally here!

It has been a long winter, but Spring has finally sprung and our groups have been enjoying the changes around them. 

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting at our log circle under the shade of the tree canopy (no need for a tarp!) with a group of children who were just enjoying the peace and calm, while they learnt how to weave. 

Weaving Forest School Hertfordshire

It was an activity that we had introduced the previous week to some interested children and they were keen to have another go or finish the projects they had started, having brought them back to Forest School with them. The task in itself was challenging - but with a bit of concentration, perseverance and patience - achievable, as is the ethos of Forest School. The children were proud of their colourful creations, but what was really nice to observe was their enjoyment in supporting and teaching the children who had come to try it out this week and the compliments that were shared for each other's work. A boost in everyone's self esteem and confidence.

I also was lucky enough to listen in to a 'magical moment' where one child, whilst working on her weaving, commented, "Technology nowadays is great, but it's great getting to do things like people used to and just having the time to do things like this outside." Forest School for me is about getting children to appreciate the world around them and find the beauty and magic in just being one with nature. It gives the children (and adults!) time to reflect. Such an important thing to do in our busy, technology filled lives where sometimes we don't have a moment to think.