Imaginations run wild...

I have very fond memories of reading Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak as a child and as a mother myself to my two children, so it seemed a great book to use as a launch pad for a session we ran recently with our enthusiastic parent and toddler group. I love sharing books together and feel sitting under a tarp in the woods is a great place to listen and experience the story with others.

We rolled our terrible eyes..

and gnashed our terrible teeth...

and showed our terrible claws...

Forest School Oxhey Woods.JPG

But the real magic began when we took our imaginations a little further. We decided that the woods we were in looked very similar to those that Max had explored and set off to look for signs of the Wild Things. It was great to see the group exploring collectively and discussing the things that we came across: a warm patch where a Wild Thing had sat on a tree, a footprint, broken branches from their wild rumpus and even a tree that looked good for back scratching, which several of the children and myself tested out! Very effective in relieving an itch!

We are very lucky that in our woods there is a fantastic sculpture trail and so our exploration led us to a wooden xylophone, where we picked up sticks, started playing and had our own wild rumpus.

It was a really enjoyable session and it was a pleasure to see our children (and their parents) find their inner Wild Thing.

Wild Things.JPG