Interventions Programme

Forest School is an ethos and method of increasing confidence and self esteem through regular sessions in an outdoor environment. Forest school is predominately child led and therefore allows the child’s interests and abilities to be explored and developed.

There has been a great amount of research showing the huge benefits that Forest School can bring to the development of a child. The importance of being outdoors and experiencing the natural environment on a regular basis is becoming increasingly important to the health and wellbeing of children today.


From our experience, many children who may struggle to integrate within the classroom environment find the chance of being outside, exploring their own interests and having the opportunity to be themselves, does wonders for their confidence and self esteem. We have seen for ourselves that children who have low attendance, struggle to find a voice in the classroom and have difficulties engaging with their peers make huge improvements during a Forest School programme both outdoors and back in the classroom.

Intervention programmes can be run within your school or outdoor space to support small groups of students. Programmes are tailored to the needs of your pupils and are run by Emma Briscoe, a qualified Primary School teacher and Forest School Leader.

If you are interested in booking an intervention package, please get in touch using our booking form.