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What aged children do you work with?

We focus our work with EYFS to Key Stage 2.  For non-teacher folk that's from 3 to 11 years.  If you have an older group then we would be happy to create sessions.  Forest School really is ageless - from 1 to 100; everyone can benefit from the experience. 

Is it safe for young children to work with tools?

Tools are only introduced after numerous sessions.  We assess the suitability of using tools with every different group of children.  Every single tool is introduced with a tool talk and step-by-step instructions.  All tool use is monitored closely with high adult to child ratios. 

What about fire? Is that dangerous?

As with tools, fire making is introduced slowly as trust and confidence increase.  We only have small camp fires which are always monitored by an experienced and qualified leader.  Fires are placed in baskets and extinguished with water. 

Does Forest School have any impact on the environment?

We aim to teach children about nature and the environment and in doing so how to protect and care for it. Site assessments are conducted at the beginning of every session and at the end to ensure the site is left in the same, if not improved condition. 

What should children wear?

The famous saying, you know the one...'there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing..', this is our mantra.  Waterproofs and wellies in the winter; sun hat and sunscreen in the summer.